“We own a large catering hall near the Las Vegas Strip and are one of the largest independent catering companies in Nevada, thanks to Traeger Grills. We now own six SMK200s to keep up with our volume. These are the most durable machines I have ever seen. Not once in over 1,500 events have we had a breakdown. Thanks, Traeger—you are the grill of the future!”

~ John Christoffersen, Owner
Smoke’n Sam’s, Las Vegas, NV

Traeger Commercial Smoker Grills let you produce outstanding smoked and grilled food with minimal effort and cost.

Our company, Great Western Barbecue Supply, is an Authorized Traeger Distributor. Let our experts help you select the best Traeger Commercial unit for your foodservice needs.

Traeger's three commercial units are built for restaurants, catering professionals, competition cooks and anyone wanting to produce high-quality outdoor-cooked barbecue with minimal effort. Traeger Smoker Grills feature a patented electronic control system that automates the cooking process, delivering consistent, delicious results every time. By eliminating the guesswork and hassles of other barbecue systems, a Traeger lets you save on labor costs and free up time to focus on your customers. And your bottom line.

Financing Available!
Payments as low as $55.48 per month.


Here are just three of the many reasons why you should be operating a Traeger Commercial Smoker Grill:

1. Better Flavor
Whether it’s steaks for 40 or brisket for 400, food cooked in a Traeger tastes better than food cooked with gas, charcoal or electric heat. And Traegers are designed to not over-smoke food like many other smokers are prone to do. Traeger’s even-heating convection action ensures that food is moist, tender and cooked exactly the way you decide.

2. Lower Cost
Three appliances in one, a Traeger smokes, grills, even bakes. And Traegers cost much less than smoker-only units of similar capacity. Whether your needs call for a stationary unit or one of our mobile smoker grills, a Traeger does much more, for much less. Why pay extra?

3. Superior Fuel
Traeger hardwood pellets—available in a variety of species—are the sole source of heat and impart a delicious flavor to smoked, grilled and baked foods. Conveniently sealed in easy-to-handle, 20-pound bags, our pellets are clean-burning, sanitary, economical and 100-percent pure. They are easier and safer to transport and store than other types of barbecue fuel.

How Traeger Commercial Smoker Grills work.


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