Can Traeger Commercial Smoker Grills be used indoors?
Traeger Commercial Grills are intended for outdoor use only. Many Traeger Commercial owners use their Traeger Commercial smokers on their patios. If you are looking to permanently install one of our smokers, we recommend you contact your local inspector for applicable installation codes and requirements.

What kind of electrical access do I need?
Each of the four models uses standard 120 VAC power. During the first three minutes, each firepot will use 300 watts – primarily for the igniter rod – and then consumption will reduce to 50 watts per firepot to cook. If you own one of our trailer-mounted models, a 1,000-watt generator inverter will easily suit your needs when you are cooking offsite.

Do I need to season my Traeger before I put any food on it?
Yes. Before you put your first batch of food on your Traeger, season the unit according to the instructions in your smoker model’s operator’s manual. The initial firing is an important step as it will finish curing the paint and burn off any small particles and oils from the manufacturing process, which is essential before you put any food on your smoker grill.

Can I use any kind of pellets for my smoker grill? What about wood chips?
Only Traeger pellets, which are food-grade, 100-percent hardwood, should be used with your smoker. Pellets that are made for home heating and other operations can contain glues, binders, and other additives that can be harmful if consumed. The patented auger system is specifically designed for Traeger pellets, and will not process wood chips.

How do I keep the inside of my Traeger clean with minimal amounts of grease inside?
Traeger pellets are very efficient and leave behind little ash at the bottom of your smoker grill. Depending on the frequency of use, we recommend vacuuming or scooping out any ash residue occasionally. The angled drip pan is designed to channel grease and drippings out of the unit and into the drip pails or pans, but we at Traeger Commercial like to line the drip pan with aluminum foil before use. This way, you can remove the foil after each use and have a clean drip pan, making cleanup a breeze every time.

Do I need to have my trailer-mounted Commercial smoker grill licensed and/or registered?
There are different laws for each state, so we recommend checking with your state DMV. If your smoker grill does need to be licensed or registered and your DMV requires a Certificate of Origin, please contact us and we will issue you one right away.

I need another owner’s manual for my Traeger Commercial Smoker Grill. How can I get one?
Please click here to download the current manuals. If you need a manual from an older model, please contact us and we will send you a copy and find the answers you need.

How will my Traeger perform in extreme weather?
When estimating cooking times, remember that the outside air temperature and weather conditions will affect your cooking times. If it is cold, wet or windy, it may take longer for food to cook. Conversely, your food may require less time to cook in hot weather. The Traeger’s thermostat control unit and double-wall construction will help to provide a constant temperature at the setting you’ve chosen once the grill has come up to that temperature.

What do I do if I ever need any replacement parts?
Your Traeger Commercial Smoker Grill has a one-year warranty, and Traeger is known for our excellent Service Department. Should you ever need any assistance with your smoker grill, please contact Service at 800-872-3437 (503-845-9234) or by email at

Can I compete in KCBS sanctioned competitions with my Traeger?
Yes! KCBS allows equipment that cooks from wood, pellets, or charcoal fires only. Because the pellets are the fuel and heat source for your barbecued foods, electricity does not contribute to heating or cooking of your food. In fact, countless Traeger owners have taken home top awards from sanctioned barbecue competitions.

What is the temperature range of my Traeger Commercial Smoker Grill?
We call our Commercial Traegers smoker grills because they really do both. The temperatures range from 180 to 450 degrees, allowing you to produce delicious cooked foods – from low-and-slow 12-hour brisket to perfectly seared ribeyes.

How will my Traeger Commercial Smoker Grill arrive once I have purchased it?
The COM150 and Smokehouse Pro S/S arrive nearly fully assembled. If you have purchased either the trailer-mounted COM190 or COM200, you will need a forklift for delivery and assembly. Once you have removed the packaging, you will need the forklift to mount the grill onto the trailer, and it will take approximately 45 minutes total to perform this assembly. Orders are shipped via common carrier, so it is highly recommended that you have your smoker grill delivered to a business location to expedite delivery.

Where can I get more information about cooking suggestions such as pellet and seasoning suggestions, cook times, recipe ideas, and meat capacities for my commercial unit?
Our salespeople have extensive experience cooking a wide variety of foods on each of our four smokers for crowds ranging from 50 to 400 people.

Feel free to contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members – we love to hear what’s cookin’!


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